Testimonial - Love

Bruce Love , 26 Jul 2016

“Buying a property is always an exciting prospect that comes with a substantial dollop of STRESS! This is particularly true when you live 2.5hours away from the property. This was the circumstance my partner and I recently faced when we fell in love with the property for sale at Basin View on the South Coast of NSW. Fortunately for us the sale was being managed by Robin Corcoran, from Max Justice Real Estate.

Robin is truly the consummate professional.

Highly skilled in her approach to customer service, she was able to anticipate our needs before we even knew we had them. Her communication was always accurate, timely and professional. Her knowledge of the local area was second to none. Robin is always a warm, caring and compassionate person that seamlessly balanced the needs of both vendors and my partner and me.

Lucky is the client that crosses the path of this wonderful lady. Thank you Robin, for all you have done for us. Now that we are in the property, we could not be

happier! Oh, and on top of all that, she is a dog lover too!!

Bruce Love